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Maiden Distributors is a leading distributor of major pharmaceutical, healthcare, baby care and nutraceutical companies in India for 35 years. With a good distribution network in Delhi-NCR and other northern regions of India, we can handle bulk shipments within time limits. We have more than 5,000 products in our portfolio and have a network of 750 pharmacies and 100 wholesalers and hospitals.

CONSTELLATION DOUBLE EAGLES We also work with the company as their clearing and forwarding agent, super distributor, import agent to help them establish networks in Delhi and northern India.

Our history

The company was founded in 1983 as a "girlish business" in Delhi, India. We started distribution operations in Delhi and parts of northern India. In 1990, Maiden Enterprises was established as Maiden Distributors Limited, and since then it has provided distribution services to more than 35 pharmaceutical and healthcare companies . Some of the major companies with which we do business are SunPharma, Lupin, Pfizer, USV, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Shiba Research Center, Distiller, Wockhardt, Galderma, Honeywell, etc. .

We recently took an adventure at Baby Care&Healthcare, and we partnered with the company to launch their products in India.


The person behind the success

Mr. Vinay Goel is the co-founder and director of Maiden Distributors Ltd. It has taken 35 years to develop the company into one of Delhi's largest pharmaceutical distribution companies.


What we did

We are a distribution company of Pharmaceuticals, Heathcare, Babycare and Nutraceutical, and we meet the needs of wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals and doctors by providing regular delivery of medicines. Our process involves narrowing the gap between pharmaceutical companies and end customers. We thrive to reduce the gap between demand and supply of medicines and other healthcare products. 

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With our expertise in distribution and marketing , we intend to work with new and established healthcare /health/baby care companies that are committed to delivering new and innovative products that benefit end consumers and add value to the wider community. . We intend to provide a springboard for companies looking to create opportunities in India . Our mission is to achieve a strong supply chain distribution system


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